Karl Hermann GmbH - KFH was founded in 1946 in Leonberg, near Stuttgart.

During the first years KFH specialized in the production of spare parts for the automotive industry, but then in the sixties it started the production of auxiliary tools: first, the chucks for milling machines, and later, radically expanded the range of auxiliary tools for metal-cutting machines.

Currently, KFH manufactures both standard auxiliary tools and special ones in accordance with the specialization of the customer.

KFH, in addition to sales in Germany, exports the manufactured auxiliary tools to 17 countries of the world, mainly European ones. One of the main company’s principles is to be able to deliver not less than 95% of the range of auxiliary tools ex stock at the customers’ requests, as well as to give the customers a competent consultancy.

The KFH team is always open to its regular and new customers.


Website: www.kfh-hermann.de