PAUL HORN (Paul Horn GmbH) was founded in 1969 in the city of Tubingen (Germany).

The main specialization of the company is the development and production of high-precision tools for technological operations of cutting off and grooving of various types, both external and internal, using tools equipped with carbide replaceable inserts.

Among European tools manufacturers, PAUL HORN is a major supplier of grooving tools to the automotive, aerospace and bearing productions, as well as pipe and coupling tools to the oil and gas industries.

A wide range of tools, more than 17.000 types, guarantees the customer the most rational solution of technological problems associated with machining the grooves for all types of processed materials.

For the Russian market, PAUL HORN represents the entire range of tools available to it, including non-standard tools made according to customer’s drawings.

For many years, PAUL HORN's products have been successfully used by machining companies throughout Russia.

The main range of PAUL HORN tools includes:

  • Boring SUPER-MINI tools with a diameter of machining from 0.2 mm;
  • Tools for machining internal grooves with a diameter from 3.0 mm;
  • Thread-cutting tools with machining diameter from 3.0 mm;
  • Tools for machining face grooves with a diameter from 5.0 mm;
  • MINI boring tools with front mounted replaceable insert;
  • Milling tools for planetary grooves’ machining (by circular interpolation) with a diameter from 9.6 mm;
  • Tools made of cubic boron nitrite (CBN) and polycrystalline diamond (PCD);
  • Tools for machining the ends of casing, tubing, drill pipes and couplings for them, for roughing and finishing, as well as cutting all types of pipe threads.

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