For 65 years the company Vergnano has been focusing on the quality of its products, combining constantly created innovations with the existing traditions cultivated during the entire production period.

Thanks to continuous new investments, constant research of new technologies, strict control of the production process and products quality, the company has increased its presence in the Italian and international markets.

Today, Vergnano company, via its Russian representative, the company «Intechnika», offers Russian customers thread-forming, gear-cutting and broaching tools that meet the highest standards.

Vergnano's products meet all the requirements that modern manufacturing makes for precision, reliability and tool performance. The company's quality management system is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 REG. No. 1399-A UNI EN ISO 9001-2000.

The basic principles of Vergnano company’s policy in the field of human safety and health are the protection of the environment and workers safety at production.

Regarding its basic principles, the company seeks to: comply with laws and standards in the field of environmental protection and take into account environmental and safety requirements at all stages of production, from the design phase and preparatory stages.

For the convenience of Russian customers, we offer the Russian-language revised and adapted complete catalog of Vergnano's main products.

The catalog converts foreign national and international standards used by Vergnano into their equivalent Russian standards.

The conversion of standards allows the Russian customers to choose and use Vergnano tools, oriented and indexed for making threads according to foreign national and international standards - for making threads according to equivalent Russian standards. The Russian-language catalog is supplemented with the necessary reference materials and comments.

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