Our company represents well-known equipment and tools manufacturers such as Widia, Hanita, Vargus, Vergnano, KFH, Derek, Ilix and others. Represented manufacturers are highly specialized, constantly developing tools manufacturers, which ensures high quality and precision of the tools.
All supplied products are certified at the international level by the quality management system of our own tools production, which meets the highest international quality standards (ISO 9001: 2000), environmental (ISO 14001) and industrial (OHSAS 18001) safety.
The range of metal-cutting and auxiliary tools, tooling and technological equipment of the manufacturers represented by «INSTRUMENTALNAYA TECHNIKA – URAL» LLC is very diverse, contains thousands of standard sizes of products, while it is in a constant development and improvement.

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All products have got all necessary quality certificates.

sert 9001 2015 e
sert 9001 2015 e 

sert 9001 2015 e
sert 9001 2015 e

You could contact our specialists for more detailed information on certificates.

Engineering services

Our company is ready to execute individual general technological tasks, as well as to develop technological processes for parts machining on CNC machines on a turnkey basis: from planning the project budget for all stages of work to obtaining a suitable part “in metal”.
Engineering services are rendered using the flagship high-level CAD / CAM / CAE-automated design system NXTM (formerly UNIGRAFICS or UG) with the provision of high quality work in time and at minimal costs.

The key services are:
  • research and analysis of existing working technological processes of machining, equipment, tools and accessories at the customer (technological audit) with the development of the ways, methods, basis and means of their optimization;
  • complex analysis of the products for technological effectiveness with its qualitative and quantitative evaluation, calculation of direct and indirect parameters characterizing the technological effectiveness in terms of labor efforts by manufacturing, technological cost, compliance of the design with production conditions, etc.;
  • creation of three-dimensional electronic models of parts and workpieces in the system of solid-state hybrid modeling;
  • design, development and manufacturing of special technological equipment with the issuing and transfer of the necessary types and completeness of design documents;
  • construction and debugging of kinematic models of the machine in the VERICUT 7 software environment;
  • writing postprocessors for converting (re-coding) of technological commands and tools paths into control programs of CNC machines;
  • verification based on computer simulation of the machining processes of parts on a virtual machine in the VERICUT 7 software environment for identifying errors, hidden problems, dangerous and possible connections of tools, workpieces and tooling with machine’s units, as well as for optimization of control programs before the startup of operating directly on the machine itself;
  • development and implementation of control programs for processing parts on CNC equipment of the customer and modification of the tooling with optimization of cutting modes according to the required parameters, increasing tools’ life time, increasing the productivity of technological processes and maximizing the use of equipment capabilities;
  • development of a complete set of accompanying technological documents for general and special purposes that meet modern requirements of state standards, regulatory requirements and company’s standards.
«INSTRUMENTALNAYA TECHNIKA – URAL» LLC has the specialists, who have passed specialized training and is authorized to provide services for the technical support of the purchased tools, support in the assignment of operational parameters of tools’ application and cutting modes.

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