Our partners are well-known world leaders - manufacturers of tools and technological equipment, focused on the complex solution of machining problems.

WIDIA Products Group offers a wide range of over 14.000 items of high quality metal-cutting tools with general and special purposes, replaceable multifaceted inserts from modern carbide alloys with progressive wear resistant coatings. The company's products are of high intellectual level of solutions in materials science - unique developments of cermet, super hard materials (ceramics) and synthetic diamonds.

Vargus specializes in the production of tools for making threads for general and special purposes and some types of boring and hand tools.
The company's tools include a wide range of cutters and mills of various designs, taking into account the purpose of the tools, features and experience of its long-term use.

Thanks to continuous new investments, constant research of new technologies, strict control of the production process and products quality, the company Vergnano has increased its presence in the Italian and international markets.

PAUL HORN (Paul Horn GmbH) was founded in 1969 in the city of Tubingen (Germany).
The main specialization of the company is the development and production of high-precision tools for technological operations of cutting off and grooving of various types, both external and internal, using tools equipped with carbide replaceable inserts.

The company Hanita was founded about 50 years ago and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality high-performance carbide and high-speed end mills and drills, disk, T-shaped, profiled mills, counterbores, carbide workpieces for manufacturing end cutting tools.

Fresmak was founded in 1967. Its main specialization is the production of high-precision vices with high clamping force.
Today Fresmak supplies a wide range of workpieces clamping systems worldwide. The sales geography includes more than 50 countries.

Karl Hermann GmbH - KFH was founded in 1946 in Leonberg, near Stuttgart.
During the first years KFH specialized in the production of spare parts for the automotive industry, but then in the sixties it started the production of auxiliary tools: first, the chucks for milling machines, and later, radically expanded the range of auxiliary tools for metal-cutting machines.

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