Vargus was founded in 1960 and is a member of the NEUMO EHRENBERG GROUP, a diversified multinational organization headquartered in Knittlingen (Germany).

Vargus specializes in the production of tools for making threads for general and special purposes and some types of boring and hand tools.
The company's tools include a wide range of cutters and mills of various designs, taking into account the purpose of the tools, features and experience of its long-term use.

The company's threading tools have a mainly assembly design, equipped with threaded inserts from hard alloys of various marks, focused on a wide range of materials to be processed.

The tools provide the possibility of high-quality and high-performance machining of almost all types of external and internal, cylindrical and conical threads of symmetric and asymmetric profile: metric, inch, trapezoidal, stopping, stop-metric, stop-trapezoidal, pipe cylindrical and conical and many others, including oil products mix, as well as other special and newly developed.

Vargus manufactures tools for boring holes and machining chutes, grooves for tool exit, including for miniature surfaces and parts.

The company also manufactures hand-held locksmith tools of various designs for deburring and chamfering, manual processing of grooves, planes, ledges, holes’ edges using self-aligning cutting elements - floating knives.

In the market of threading tools Vargus is one of the leading innovators.

Along with general and special-purpose tools for making various threads, the company has created and successfully manufactures fundamentally new types of thread-forming tools, such as:

  • turning cutters with replaceable carbide inserts of the MICROSCOPE series for processing miniature surfaces and parts by boring smooth cylindrical and conical, stepped surfaces, profiling shaped surfaces, threading, processing cylindrical, face grooves and cutting off;
  • threaded cutters with replaceable carbide inserts of the MINIPRO series for machining micro-threads with a diameter from 3.2 mm;
  • V6 series double life carbide threaded, replaceable multi-faceted inserts with 6 independent cutting teeth;
  • solid carbide thread mills of the MILLIPRO series for machining micro-threads with a diameter from 1 mm;
  • solid carbide thread mills of the MILLIPRO HD series for machining hard (up to 62 HRC) materials;
  • prefabricated thread mills with replaceable multi-faceted carbide inserts of the TMSD series for machining threads in deep holes such as wells;
  • thread mills with replaceable inserts (25 and 40 mm) from MITM series carbide for machining cylindrical and conical long threads;
  • HTC (Triller) solid carbide combined shank thread mills for machining by drilling, threading and for chamfering with one tool, as well as a number of other, unique, innovative technical solutions in the market of threading tools.

Special divisions and services of Vargus company, their highly qualified specialists - designers and technologists, along with solving general and traditional problems of machining using the proposed tools, also solve highly specialized problems in relation to the specific conditions of production of customers located in more than 100 countries of the world.

Vargus provides an international level of cutting tools manufacturing quality, environmental and industrial safety in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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